This holiday season, we present to the 12 beer styles of Christmas that you must experience this winter (or you might get a lump of coal in your stocking).


The 12th Beer of Christmas: American IPA

Wake up, it's Christmas! Want to know what Santa brought? A good ol' American IPA. This twelfth beer style of Christmas is exactly what you'll need to get through every last bite of Grandma's green bean casserole later today. But asides from that, light a fire, play some holiday music, put on your favorite (or least favorite) ugly Christmas sweater, and create an experience to remember with an American IPA.

The 11th Beer of Christmas: English Strong Ale

It's Christmas Eve. Santa's coming! But before Santa gets here, we're all doing something Christmassy, right? We know you haven't had enough beer yet either, so here's another great story about beer to tell you friends and family in front of the fireplace. The eleventh beer style of Christmas was one of Shakespeare's favorites, the English Strong Ale. Well, maybe we're not certain of that, but his dad was an ale-taster in England, and Shakespeare references the beer a zillion times (okay, about a dozen times) in his plays. 'I would give all my fame for a pot of ale.' Aw, you don't have to do that Shakespeare, we'll still give you a pot of ale. Now finish up your beer, Santa's coming!

The 10th Beer of Christmas: Sour Beer

So far this holiday season, we've been drinking tons and tons of heavy, malty beers. Let's 'spice' up our pallets and bring in some variety with the Sour Beer as the tenth beer style of Christmas. It seems like all of these beers are good for drinking or sharing fun facts at a holiday party, so once again awe your friends with what you know about sour beers. They're brewed with certain yeast strains or bacteria! Wait, don't put your beer down quite yet! Take a sip? It's the best bacteria you've ever tasted, huh?

The 9th Beer of Christmas: Barleywine

Okay guys, make sure you're sitting down for this one. Sitting yet? Good. The ninth beer style of Christmas is the Barleywine. You know, those intense malty, bitter, super high in alcohol brews? These beers are complex and many are aged for years. So, slow down, have a seat and savor this unique style. Try it on the couch while watching your favorite holiday comedy. It sounds like a great night to us!

The 8th Beer of Christmas: Old Ale

Most of these beers can be found at your favorite taproom or bottle shop, but the eighth beer style of Christmas sometimes might only be found at the brewery. But, hey! There's bound to be a brewery not so far away from where you can find an Old Ale. These unique ales are brewed during the winter months and sometimes bottled. These old souls tend to mature more after bottling, hence the name, so go to your favorite brewery and ask for a fresh one. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

The 7th Beer of Christmas: Oatmeal Stout

Oh, so you were happy with the Cream Ale? Let's cheers the Canadians before we go on to the next one. Cheers! Okay, now for the seventh beer style of Christmas (you'll be just as happy), the Oatmeal Stout. It's super smooth and sweet, just like the holidays? Okay maybe the holidays are more stressful than smooth sailing, but at least we have beer for that! The Oatmeal Stout can be served as a Winter Warmer. Warm-up to one of these tonight.

The 6th Beer of Christmas: Cream Ale

Canadians make good beer too. The sixth beer style of Christmas was taken up by Canadians. Oh, don't frown, American craft beer lovers, it's actually quite tasty! The Cream Ale is light and refreshing. Hey! It's Friday, bring it to a holiday party tonight and its low malty sweetness is sure to complement well with the eggnog and holiday desserts. Trust us (and Canada), you'll be satisfied with the Cream Ale.

The 5th Beer of Christmas: Porter

Besides weather and ingredients, did you know that war affects beer too? We're serious. The third beer style of Christmas is the Porter, which in earlier times would be considered strong today. Wonder why it's not as strong now? Yep, the Napoleonic War did it. The war resulted in increased taxation, so the original gravity of Porters in England was decreased. Share this historical fact with your friends tonight while sipping on a Porter.

The 4th Beer of Christmas: Brown Ale

The fourth of the beer styles of Christmas is something not too light and not too dark. The Brown Ale, with its caramel and chocolate flavors, will complement those Christmas cookies you can't stop eating. Sheesh, save some for Santa! What's so great about the Brown Ale is we don't only get to drink it during Christmas. It's sort of an all-weather beer, carrying a bit of weight for cold weather, and not too heavy for warm weather. Now that sounds like a California beer!

The 3rd Beer of Christmas: Doppelbock

Bock Bock! Is that a chicken? Oh no, it's something much better. It's a Doppelbock, the third of our beer styles of Christmas. This strong German bock is a meal in a glass. True story guys. Monks used to drink it during times of fasting, calling it liquid bread. This popular German beer may be a meal by itself, but we prefer to pair it with a meal of bold flavors. Bring a Doppelbock to a holiday party, and it's bound to pair well with the main dish, and, of course, keep you warm.

The 2nd Beer of Christmas: Spiced Beer

Remember all those Pumpkin beers you were drinking last month? Well, they're part of another delicious style we can't get enough of. That's right, the second beer style of Christmas is the Spiced Beer. From Pumpkin ales to Christmas brews, Spiced Beers are a way for the brewer to expand their limits, like yesterday's warmer. What's better than a creative brew? And of course, Spiced Beers have the warming finish we crave during the winter. (Yes, it's still cold in California.)

The 1st Beer of Christmas: Winter Warmer

The first beer style of Christmas we'd like to share with you is the Winter Warmer. In case you couldn't tell, it will warm you up. Yes, even us Californians need something warm during the winter. Its malty goodness makes it a top choice for sipping during the colder months. Winter Warmers are all very unique to each brewer and covers a range of other styles. This is what makes this brew so special. Grab a Winter Warmer today and share your experience with us!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Noble Brewer and remember to drink responsibly. Cheers!


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