Every Expert Was Once A Beginner


Now, that you have successfully brewed your first beer, and tasted the fruit of your labor, the hype of homebrewing might have gotten to your nerves, and pump up that adrenaline that drives your passion in brewing.  You are one of the few persons in the world to have practiced the century-old art and science of homebrewing.

There is something magical in homebrewing that satisfies a homebrewer's psyche.  Keep using that Homebrewing Starter Set to explore fabulous beer creations.  To keep a beginner acquainted with the beer varieties available in the market today, it would be preferable to keep brewing with the beer recipe kit.  Consequently, whichever brand of recipe kit chosen will work with all brands of homebrewing kit.  If properly maintained, that homebrewing kit will still be useful in brewing that splendid beer creation in the future.  The recipe kits will familiarize a brewer with the ingredient used in making a wide selection of beer varieties that he can homebrew.  The ingredients were all professionally prepared and provided by seasoned and expert brewing companies, including the step-by-step instructions to brew that splendid beer.  Furthermore, it will expand a brewer's horizon and perspective in understanding the principles in the beer-making process.  Before a brewer experiment and play with wonderful beer recipes, it would be brilliant that he accustomed his palate to the varieties of beer creation that we have in the market today.  So, for the homebrewer in you, let's refill!

Former USA President Rutherford B. Hayes once said, "Every Expert Was Once A Beginner."  Never give up!  You may encounter failures in homebrewing, but keep in mind that in every failure there is a lesson to learn.  Even expert brewers never stop learning new beer creations.  They just keep on brewing for more.

Below are stunning Beer Recipe Kits from respected brewing companies known for their quality products and spectacular customer support.  Craft A Brew provides a general glimpse of a variety of choices of recipe kits that are available in the market today.  Nevertheless, the brewing companies in the list provides the same excellent beer recipe kits/ingredients that will surely make homebrewing more enjoyable and exciting.


5 Gallon Recipe Kits

A style pale ale developed in the United States around 1980.  A medium-bodied beer with low to medium caramel, and carries with it a toasted maltiness.

Craft A Brew - Home Brewing Ingredient Kit (5 Gallons) (Bone Dry Irish Stout)

This Bone Dry Irish Stout is a dark blend of roasted malts and mild English hops bringing forward flavors of coffee, chocolate, and toffee. It has a medium mouthfeel with a jet black appearance and light toasty aromas.




Craft A Brew - Home Brewing Ingredient Kit (5 Gallons) (Brown Ale)

This brown ale is dark and delicious with a roasted malt character that all beer lovers will enjoy. Lightly hopped with English Fuggle hops, this is a perfect beginner brew for those who are starting to appreciate darker beers.




Craft A Brew - Home Brewing Ingredient Kit (5 Gallons) (Oktoberfest Ale)

This full-bodied, malty beer recipe is based on the traditional Oktoberfest style. It has a light red hue, subtle bitterness, caramel sweetness, and a clean dry finish.







Craft A Brew - Home Brewing Ingredient Kit (5 Gallons) (Single Hop IPA)

These recipes each showcase a single hop variety of your choice. Every hop variety is unique; this can include flavors described as piney, earthy, tropical fruit, lemon, dank, white wine, lime, spicy, grapefruit, herbal... the list goes on! All of these beers will be light in body and color.



Craft A Brew - Home Brewing Ingredient Kit (5 Gallons) (White House Honey Ale)

The famous presidential beer recipe and is the first beer known to have been brewed in the White House.  Serve this on special events or occasions. Your friends will surely love it.  A beer recipe from the White House to your Home.  Awesome!




CRAFT A BREW - 1 GALLON RECIPE KITS (find it here...)







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