Hoppy Mini-Keg 4-Pack

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Hops are all the rage behind the most popular style of American craft beer - the IPA. Get our best hoppy beers of the month in this 4-pack, from floral and piney to citrus and fruity flavors - they range from easy-drinking session beers to knock your pants off big boy beers, bold with flavor and higher alcohol.d

Each mini-keg contains 67oz of beer –about a 4-pack– carefully selected from award-winning breweries.

The beers featured in the picture are a sample of our selection. We pick up new beers from amazing breweries every day, and your selection will vary based on what we picked up this week!

Name                Style          Quantity    Links

Breaky Fast      American IPA     1          Link

Ekuanot          Single Hop IPA       1      Link

Patrick Henry  American Pale Ale    2    Link


**This product requires a Hopsy Sub Home Draft System which you can find here.**

Here's a quick video to show you how simple The Sub setup is:

1. Open: Open the door to the SUB
2. Load: Insert the mini-keg into the SUB
3. Tap: Insert the tube into the tap.
4. Pour: Pull the handle and enjoy fresh draft beer