All Together Bamboo Coasters


A portion of profits from the sale of each "All Together" merchandise will be donated to efforts supporting the restaurant and service personnel who have been impacted by COVID19 related closures.

Protect your table tops from scratches and water damage from beer glasses with these high-quality, extra thick 100% bamboo coasters.

• Set of 4 Coasters

• 100% Bamboo Wood

• 4” Square Coaster with Round Edges

• 1/2” Thick Construction

• Rinse & Air Dry to Clean

DO NOT Put in Dishwasher or Microwave

• Great Gift Idea!

Here's a quick video to show you how simple The Sub setup is:

1. Open: Open the door to the SUB
2. Load: Insert the mini-keg into the SUB
3. Tap: Insert the tube into the tap.
4. Pour: Pull the handle and enjoy fresh draft beer